FerroAlloyNet 6th International Silicon Metal Summit



Special thanks to all of the participants of FerroAlloyNet 6th International Silicon Metal Summit and those who support FerroAlloyNet International Business Limited regularly. Thanks to your support to our company, this conference received great recognition. We will continue to improve ourselves aiming to provide a better trade platform for customers and better on-site service. If you were unable to attend our conference due to your tight schedule, but would like to reach all the participants and get to know the exact information shared by the industry experts and industry leaders, we have Electronic-version materials (presentation, delegate list and trade lead directory) of the 2018 FerroAlloyNet 6th International Silicon Metal Summit for you.

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FerroAlloyNet 6th International Silicon Metal Summit

The conference is held on April 12th in Langham Place, Xiamen, Fujian Province. The company will deepen cooperation with domestic and foreign industry elites, grasp the market trend, capture new opportunities, and explore the future of silicon metal! The number of participants in this session was more than 200, gathered suppliers of metal silicon raw materials, factories, traders, and end-market buyers.

Experienced a drastic change in metal silicon market in 2017, the trend of metal silicon market in 2018 rushed blurred.

Participants took a new look at the market and discussed the trend of the market in 2018 and the focus of the market.

Trade Talk

The trade talk kicked off at 2 pm. The participants include electrode factories, silica suppliers, clean coal plants, silicon metal factories, domestic and international export traders and downstream terminal factories, equipment supplier, logistics services and research institutions.

The website staff performed resource matching in advance according to the company's needs and cooperation intentions, creating the most direct and comprehensive trade cooperation opportunities for participants.

Representatives of the participants, under the recommendation of the staff, found cooperative partners to actively participate in the negotiations, exchange in depth, exchange business cards, establish initial cooperation relations.

Keynote Speech
Welcome Banquet


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