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FerroAlloyNet 6th International Titanium & Zircon Products Summit

FerroAlloyNet 6th International Titanium & Zircon Products Summit was held successfully on 2-3 April, 2018 in LANGHAM PLACE HOTEL, Xiamen, China.

Nearly 150 enterprises from domestic and international countries participated this conference,

The benign development of titanium & zircon industries needs our joint efforts. Hope the FerroAlloyNet Titanium & Zircon Products Summit can help you in the titanium & zircon markets of 2018. Thanks again for your supports to FerroAlloyNet 6th International Titanium & Zircon Products Summit. We look forward to meeting again next time together!


On April 2-3, China Ferroalloynet held the 6th titanium & zircon products summit summit in Xiamen successfully. The summit brought together hundreds of industry well-known enterprises and the related people. During summit, trade negotiation and speech made a profound analysis about the overall market, specific as follows:

Titanium:In recent years, domestic and international titanium concentrate market begun to integrate, especially under the condition of the screening of environmental protection is increasingly strict, big factories and small factories are both constantly enhance their strength for competitiveness. Acquisition integration is undoubtedly the most efficient way, such as Lonmon Billion acquired Anning Iron Titanium in the latest. At the same time, the market integration is an inevitable process of industry standardization, thus industry upstream and downstream enterprises have said it's going to be a big trend of titanium concentrate industry at home and abroad in the next few years, after all, the resources are limited, first come first served!

Of course, in the case of imported titanium concentrate, the changes in the supply pattern also mentioned in the meeting that the reduction of titanium concentrates in India added a certain gap to the supply of other countries. At the same time, although Vietnam reported that it will increase export quota, the production, price, tariff and other problems still exist, so it is difficult to break through its supply. The meeting, the Mayur Resources from Papua New Guinea is introduced the company in Papua New Guinea's titanium ore industry, its production cost is low, resources can yet be regarded as a good investment projects, but because of low titanium content and high iron content it may be an import problem. It is also a problem for many non-mainstream countries to export titanium ore into China. After all, the freight is not low, even if its cost is low, but it also lost its advantage. And, of course, the meeting also mentioned that many factories are in active development of new sources of supply, it is expected that the future import titanium concentrate competition may be be increasingly fierce, supply countries maybe more diversified.

Many industry people analyze on titanium concentrate price of nearly two years. From 2016, the titanium concentrate prices continued to rise until the second half of 2017. This year, the price increased slightly after spring. But according to the upstream and downstream market, the titanium concentrate market may continue to run smoothly and sometime increase slightly in 2018. On the other hand most traders are confident with the market in first half in 2018, after all the titanium dioxide market may go well during the first half of the market.

Zircon sand:From 2017 to now, the zircon sand market in China has continued to improve, and it is still the reason for the shortage of raw materials. After all, the raw materials of zircon sand are scarce in China, and most zircon sand from other countries. In addition to the raw materials, the most concern is whether the price will continue to rise .In the meeting, Evelyn Chen, China Country Manager of TZMI and Dr Miao, Vice –president of China TiO2 Sales of ILUKA all mentioned, medium grade zircon sand resources was in short supply and and reduced zircon sand output of international giant enterprises support the domestic zircon sand market. Besides limited supply, there are many dressing plants in China but the levels of company strength are uneven so the supply of spot resources is tight. Therefore, domestic zircon sand market is also facing a major industry consolidation problem

As for zircon sand price, due to the shortage of spot, it will continue to hover at high level, but there is still some dispute about the highest price. On the some people views, the raw material shortage could lead to a shortage of domestic spot supply, which would make it possible for the price to increase to 15, 000 Yuan/T. Of course, there are worries about the current market situation, because terminal market is not beautiful, once the premium zircon sand prices rose to 13500 Yuan/T, it is better to promote for traders. Of course, these are some of the market people's personal ideas, just for reference.

Rutile:According to this meeting, as domestic chlorination process titanium dioxide projects increase gradually, and titanium sponge enterprises demand for rutile increase, rutile has become another important raw material of the market. In addition to the natural rutile, there will be a significant increase in the synthetic rutile project at home and abroad. Among them, Ubeidge Group will launch 150,000 tons/year synthetic rutile project meanwhile it also launch reduction - corrosion processing synthetic rutile project. In addition, Iluka is currently in a 350000 tons/year development plan of synthetic rutile project, at the same time, they can also produce natural rutile 400000 tons/year, zircon sand 350000 tons/year, 600000 tons/year of titanium concentrate. It is reported that due to some newly developed mineral deposits in the construction, it is expected to produce natural gold rutile 250,000 tons, synthetic rutile 210,000 tons, zircon sand 300,000 tons in 2018.

Titanium dioxide:Similarly, market integration also is a problem in the titanium dioxide industry. In this conference speech, Deng Jie, deputy secretary general of China National TiO2 Pigment Association, discussed this problem, in his view, there are 4 benefits of integration: 1. Accelerate industry and product upgrading; 2. Improve the international status and product market competitiveness of China's titanium dioxide industry; 3. Improve and enhance the level of environmental protection and the ability of recycling economy; 4. The political and economic benign ecological pattern of titanium dioxide industry will go towards sustainable development.

At the same time, he made a prediction about future titanium dioxide market according to the supply and demand: in the first half of 2018, it is almost likely that the titanium dioxide market may go up and the price may increase CNY 800-2000/T. That is because many domestic titanium dioxide enterprises announced raised prices and the worldwide market supports domestic market. In the second half of 2018, the market may continue to keep upward, but the range will not be very large. Because there are some unsure factors: real estate and exchange rate and international giant enterprises.

Titanium sponge & Titaniumtim:This time, Zhang Tao, Analyst of Pangang Group Reserch Insitute Co.,Ltd gave some points regarding titanium sponge and titaniumtim industries. In her view, as a new round of economic recovery, the demand of downstream titanium could usher in a new round of growth, but because of the influence of geopolitical relations, the quantity of exported to USA, Germany will be restricted, but it can use the influence of the” one belt, one road “to develop southeast Asia and other markets. The domestic titanium sponge market will be more centralized and integrated, which tends to be produced in the whole process or upstream and downstream joint production.

Global titaniumtim output does not change much in recent years, it is roughly 130000 tons. Since 2010, China became the world's largest titaniumtim output country, the world's major producer of titaniumtim output also keep stable. With the development of a new round of economic cycle, titaniumtim output will increase steadily in the next 3 to 5 years.

Affected by high price, the use of titaniumtim has been limited. At present, domestic low-end market is oversupply but high-end market application is insufficient. According to the developing trend of the world, the domestic aviation sector will be the blue ocean for titaniumtim in the future. However this field requires high quality and strict supplier qualification. After China's commercial large aircraft such as C919 and military such as the j-20 localization, it is inevitable that the proportion of China's titaniumtim applications will gradually shift to aerospace and military fields in the future.

Reduce the production cost is one of the key in future competition. Sumitomo Metal and Toho Titanium are developing the technology and it is worth expecting, but when it is used in industrial production, it will improve its international competitiveness and then it will impact on China's titaniumtim

Business Talk

Era is developing, and market is changing. The business talk session began on 14:00, pm, and delegates of various enterprises entered the venue with full enthusiasm.

With the help and guide of conference staff, attendees were busy in finding their matching partners. Domestic and foreign enterprises dealing with titanium and zircon products have made business talk with each other accordingly. They have actively exchanged business cards, and some enterprises have established a preliminary cooperative relationship on the conference spot and even reached an intention of further cooperation.

Keynote Speeches
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