FerroAlloyNet 16th International Manganese Products Summit



FerroAlloyNet 16th International Manganese Products Summit


FerroAlloyNet 16th International Manganese Products Summit

FerroAlloyNet 16th International Manganese Products Summit will be held on 28-30 Aug 2019 in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia Province, China. We are looking forward to meeting you there. The supporters are following: Jitie Ferroalloy Co., LTD, Ulanqab Xiongwei Guangda New Materials Co., LTD, Inner Mongolia Pu Yuan Ferroalloy Co., Ltd, Huade Tiancheng Ferroalloy Co., LTD, Inner Mongolia Chahar Right Front Banner Xinchuang Metallurgy Co., Ltd, Minmetals (Hunan) Ferroalloy Co., Ltd, Chahar Right Front Banner Tengfei FerroAlloy Co., Ltd, Xinghe Shanhe Special-steel Co., Ltd, Chahar Right Front Banner Mengfa Ferroalloy Co., LTD, Inner Mongolia Chahar Right Front Banner Xinchuang Ferroalloy Co., Ltd. It is expected that 2019 FerroAlloyNet 16th International Manganese Products Summit will invite more than 600 delegates.

Review 2019, looking back at 2019, market prices have fallen back from high levels, and consolidation is the main tone of the 2019 manganese ore market. Under the obvious pressure, the manganese ore market is in downward correction. On the one hand, with the high future price, the manganese spot price is lower in April, while the downstream futures supply is relatively sufficient, the spot demand is weakened and the stocking is cautious. Manganese ore in China port is under low consumption, which causing cumulative growth. By the end of May, the stocks had reached the highest level of nearly 4.5 million tons. Under the double pressure of high cost and high inventory, manganese ore spot market price is lower than futures price, and the loss is still deepening. In 2019, the market of silicon manganese alloys also went down. Since the beginning of the year, the silicon manganese alloy has reached the highest price of 7,700 yuan / ton, the lowest price of 7,100 yuan / ton, with the price difference of 600 yuan / ton. There are small fluctuations, but the fluctuations between the ups and downs are not large. In the first half of this year, the silicon manganese market maintained a high operating rate, and the new production capacity continued to be highlighted (the new output was about 100,000 tons per month), which added some pressure to the market stability. The market for ferromanganese and electrolytic manganese is generally stable, and the market is poised to seek new breakthroughs.

We sincerely invite manganese industry companies to gather in Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, to draw a new blueprint for the manganese industry. In this summit, addition to the mines, alloys, futures, electrolytic manganese, steel, macro and other industrial chains, we will also focus on creating the “Ulanqab " element, taking you to Ulanqab, the one of the domestic main areas of the manganese industry, to seek cooperation and develop new opportunities. See you there in August.

Conference Agenda
28 Aug 2019 I Registration + Trade Negotiation


  • August 28


    Registration, Receiving Conference Materials



    Trade negotiations on-site supply and demand interaction, according to the company's supply and demand information to arrange docking enterprises to negotiate at the same table;
    Supply and demand enterprise on-site presentation, and intentional company on-site interview;
    Provide trade matching services on site to help companies introduce customers;
    On-site large-screen scrolling of corporate supply and demand information.



    Silicon Manganese and Ferrosilicon Futures Seminar



    FerroAlloyNet 16th International Manganese Products Summit Welcome Banquet

Moring 29 Aug 2019 I Keynote Speech + Forum
  • August 29


    Welcoming Remarks



    Analysis on Ulanqab Local Manganese and Ferroalloy Industry Chain Operation



    Analysis on Trend and Intensity of New Environmental Protection Policy in 2020



    Release of New Capacity of Domestic Manganese Alloys in 2019



    Foreign and Domestic Manganese Market Forum ( Steel Mill, Manufactory, Foreign Miner, Futures)

Afternoon 29 Aug 2019 I Keynote Speech
  • August 29


    With the inventory of more than 4 million tons, how to alleviate manganese ore high inventory?



    With high electricity prices, rising freight rates, and long raw material procurement cycle, the southern silicon manganese plant has obvious pressure on production, and how to find new advantages in the later stage?



    How to maintain the market position of high grade manganese oxide ore when more substitutable minerals appear?



    Is there any possibility for steel mills to increase their demand for manganese alloys in 2020?



    Under the continuous pressure of the downstream, how can the electrolytic manganese market expand into a wider space?



    Buffet Dinner

30 Aug 2019  Plan A: Manganese Enterprise Visit In Ulanqab  Plan B: Tourism to Inner Mongolian Grassland

(Notes: For the ultimate speech makers and themes, please check the conference official website or the final notice)

Conference Focus
Manganese ore
The supply of imported manganese ore increases and the domestic alloy new capacity continues to be invested. How will the supply and demand relationship develop?; Imports continuing to high, comprehensive downstream demand and freight growth, the southern manganese ore market is facing a more serious situation.
Silicon Manganese

Manganese alloys continue to invest in new capacity in the North, will the supply and demand relationship be adjusted again? Silicon-manganese capacity is increasingly centralized, what is the key point for middle and small-sized enterprises to survive?


Under the stable environment, will the ferromanganese continue to be stable?; Does the steel mill have any possibility of further increase in demand for ferromanganese?; How can small and medium-sized ferromanganese enterprises further enhance the initiative of the ferromanganese market?

Electrolytic Manganese

What measures may influence the market trend in the later stage of large enterprises? How will small and medium-sized enterprises enhance their competitiveness in the electrolytic manganese industry? When the supply shortage of manganese ore in the Manganese Triangle region will be eased?



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