FerroAlloyNet 8th International Titanium & Zircon Products Summit



FerroAlloyNet 8th International Titanium & Zircon Products Summit


FerroAlloyNet 8th International Titanium & Zircon Products Summit

The world economy has entered a stage of reform and regulation. Unilateralism and trade protectionism are prevailing. Global economic growth expectations are weakening. And the external development environment uncertainty facing China is increasing. How will the domestic and international economic situation be interpreted in 2019? And what impact will it have on the titanium & zirconium industry market?

In 2018, the performance of the domestic titanium industry market was relatively stable. Although it was under pressure from various aspects of raw materials, environmental protection and economy, the company always maintained a positive attitude towards price. Therefore, even if it fell from the peak of 2017, the overall performance was acceptable. In 2019, we will continue to face more changes in raw materials, continued strict environmental supervision, unstable economic situation at home and abroad and government policies. How will the titanium market develop? How will the market move? And how will external factors affect the titanium industry in 2019?

In 2018, the domestic zirconium market was promoted and suppressed under the impact of environmental protection and trade wars. In the first quarter of 2019, the international giants took the lead in stabilizing operations and laid the foundation. However, the market outlook is still plagued by environmental protection, trade wars, real estate and domestic and international economic conditions. How will zircon market perform in 2019?

"Meet in Nanning, to win in 2019"! For the current industry of titanium and zirconium industry chain, we invited the decision makers and senior industry analysts of large-scale titanium & zirconium enterprises to analyze the market and guide you. At the same time, we also set up an exchange platform for you covering upper, middle and lower industrial chains. Through this summit, you will have the opportunity to integrate the supply chain, realize the horizontal and vertical integration of the industry, and face-to-face business opportunities and collusion development with industry experts and industry insiders, winning in 2019!

Conference Agenda & Activities
13th March, 2019 Registration I Trade Negotiation
  • AM


    Registration, Receiving Conference Materials

  • PM


    Admission of participants



    Opening Session



    Trade Negotiation



    Welcome Banquet

14th March, 2019 Keynote Speech
  • AM


    Admission of participants



    Welcoming Address



    What Impacts Will the Domestic and International Economic Situation Have on the Titanium & Zirconium Industry Market in 2019?



    09:30-10:00 Will New Mineral Resources in 2019 Bring New Market Vitality?



    Tea Break I Free Business Talk



    Business Forum ★Environmental Protection Policy & Macroeconomic Impact on Titanium and Zirconium Industry ★The Impact of International Supply Patterns on the Titanium and Zirconium Industry ★The terminal market is weak, and the willingness to purchase by downstream company is not high. How can we survive? ★What’s the outlook of Titanium & Zircon market in 2019?

  • PM


    Lunch Break



    Analysis of the Trend of Domestic Titanium Dioxide Market in 2019



    China's Zirconium Industry Status and Development Recommendations



    Tea Break, Free Business Talk



    Prospects for Titanium Sponge -Whether the Titanium Sponge Market Continues to Be Good in 2019?



    Titanium Market Status and Its Outlook



    Appreciation Dinner

15th March, 2019 Business Trip to Vietnam

( Notes: For the ultimate agenda and activities, please check the conference website or final notice )

Titanium Ore

In 2018, the market polarization of domestic titanium concentrates was obvious, and the changes in the supply pattern have had a great impact on the market. In 2019, the supply pattern of titanium concentrate at home and abroad will continue to change. How should the holders respond and how will the market trend go? Can new mineral resources bring new market vitality?

Titanium Dioxide

The impact of high pressure by environmental protection on the titanium dioxide market is bound to persist in 2019, and the integration and elimination among enterprises is still the focus of the industry. The impact of the Sino-US trade war, the progress of the domestic chlorination titanium dioxide project, and whether the domestic titanium dioxide market price can continue to rise in 2019 is also the focus of this summit.


With the increasing domestic chemical consumption, rutile is no longer selling in welding materials alone, and artificial rutile is gradually shining. Is it really rumored to be "rutile year" in 2019?

Titanium Slag

The overcapacity of domestic titanium slag has always been the main factor affecting the development of its market. With the increase of chlorination titanium dioxide project in 2019, the demand for titanium slag is bound to improve, can the market turn?

Titanium Tetrachloride

Will titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) continue its glory in 2018 in 2019?

Titanium Sponge

After 2018, when the demand exceeds supply, can the titanium sponge supply project increase in 2019 as scheduled? How will the market move after the increase? How will the company respond?

Zircon Sand

In 2018, the domestic zircon sand market is highly polarized by the cost and terminal demand. Will the market continue to operate in chaos in 2019? Will the international supply pattern change in 2019?

Zirconium Silicate

In 2018, domestic zirconium silicate is greatly affected by the real estate, environmental protection and trade wars. Will its impact continue in 2019? Will the overall industry undergo a large-scale reshuffle as rumored? Whether the reshuffle of the domestic ceramics market will directly affect the market trend of zirconium silicate?

Zirconium Oxychloride

In 2018, domestic zirconium oxychloride market was greatly affected by raw materials. And it was difficult to sell in the later stage due to the impact of trade wars. How will domestic zirconium oxychloride market develop in 2019? Will there be reshuffles between companies? Can the export market turn around?



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