2020 FerroAlloyNet 17th International Manganese Industry Forum



2020 FerroAlloyNet 17th International Manganese Industry Forum


2020 FerroAlloyNet 17th International Manganese Industry Forum

In 2019, the manganese series industry chain is facing a sharp increase in supply and decline in prices. The annual decline of manganese ore is about 35%, and that of manganese alloys is nearly 30%.In 2020, the supply of imported manganese ore may decrease slightly, but due to the fact that mining has not changed for the time being, the overall supply of subsequent imported manganese ore may still be relatively high. For manganese alloys, new projects are still increasing in the following years, and the industry is under great pressure. The electrolytic manganese market has continued to decline since the second half of the year, and the decline has already reached 1800 yuan / ton in July-August alone. Will the high operating rate of electrolytic manganese decrease in 2020? Can the social inventory be effectively digested, and whether the market supply and demand relationship gradually balancing? And can the new capacity and high output of manganese alloys be effectively digested by downstream? How to balance supply and demand in a new year? Will South China’s surge in output in the second half of 2019 return to its original shape in a new year due to factors such as costs? Constantly increasing large production capacity has intensified competition in manganese series products? Will the survival of the fittest become more apparent in 2020? Will manganese ore still maintain a high inventory of more than 4 million tons in 2020? This series of issues deserves our attention.

What are the positive and negative effects of the manganese market in 2020? 2020 FerroAlloyNet March Manganese Summit will join hands with many representatives of manganese companies in Guangxi to sincerely invite domestic and foreign manganese companies, traders, manufacturers, steel mills, futures agencies, manganese industry related service providers, etc. to gather together to interpret and analyze hot issues in the development of the industry, exploring the 2020 manganese industry market together and the development of enterprises in the new situation.

Conference Agenda
11 March 2020∣Conference Beginning


  • 11 March


    Registration, Receiving Conference Materials


    Trade Negotiation

    -Trade negotiations on-site supply and demand interaction, according to the company's supply and demand information to arrange docking enterprises to negotiate at the same table;
    -Supply and demand companies on-site preaching, intentional company on-site interviews;
    -Provide trade matching services to introduce good companies to you.
    -Large screen scrolling to display supply and demand information.


    Lecture Hall No.2: Futures Forum

    Combining silicon manganese futures with the spot market and sharing practical cases; Outlook and analysis of 2020 futures market


    Lecture Hall No.3: Electrolytic Manganese Seminar

    -Electrolytic Manganese Enterprises Symposium;
    -Award Ceremony for the Comprehensive Strength Top Ten Enterprises in Electrolytic Manganese Industry



    FerroAlloyNet 17th International Manganese Industry Forum Welcome Banquet

Morning of 12 March 2020∣Keynote Speech
  • Morning of 12


    Opening Address



    Macroeconomic Trends and Policy Hotspots under the New Normal



    Analysis and Forecast of the Steel Industry Trend in 2020



    Tea Break



    Opportunities in the South Increase, How Can Manganese Alloy Enterprises Seize the Opportunity for Long-term Development?



    Lunch & Rest

Afternoon of 12 March 2020∣Keynote Speech + Domestic Forum





    Changes of Mainstream and Non-mainstream Manganese Ore Supply Pattern and Downstream Alloy Output and Production Capacity in 2020



    Discussion on South Africa Manganese Ore Supply and Domestic Demand Trend in 2020



    Whether downstream stainless steel weakness is expected to reverse, and how about the impact on the electrolytic manganese market?



    Manganese Industry Chain Data in Recent Years

13 March 2020∣Plants Visiting

(Notes: For the ultimate speech makers and themes, please check the conference official website or the final notice)

Conference Focus
1. Registration will be confirmed after payment is received by FerroAlloyNet
2. There will be no refund for any cancellation although delegate substitution will be permitted.
3. Please return the registration form and other materials required asap, and FerroAlloyNet will take no responsibility if any delay.
4. Summit content and agenda are subject to the final announcement or to official conference website.
5. Conference area is available for only representatives (admit by conference pass alone)
6. It is not allowed to distribute materials in any form without the permission of FerroAlloyNet Conference Department.


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