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FerroAlloyNet 13th International Manganese Products Summit was held successfully on 15-16 March, 2018 in Pullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resort & Spa, Sanya, Hainan Province, China. It was believed that this summit must be a brand-new feast of manganese. Industry elites gathered here to deepen cooperation, grasp the market trend, and seek new opportunities. The manganese market heat wave was expected to be continued. The freshest air, blue water, and the beautiful beach were showing their welcome to FerroAlloyNet 13th International Manganese Products Summit.

This summit has attracted over 300 attendees from more than 150 enterprises from the UAE, Zambia, Tanzania, Egypt, Bulgaria, South Africa, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, etc. Delegates from SESA GLOBAL IMPEX FZE, KAMPOKO RESOURCE LIMITED, Hashimet Trading Group Limited, Noble Resources (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Ordos Xijin Mining Co.,Ltd, Jiaocheng Yiwang Ferroalloy Co., Ltd, Asia Minerals (Shenzhen) Limited, Shaanxi Sinian Metal&Mining Co.,Ltd, Eramet Comilog (Shanghai) Trading LTD, Guangxi Guangfang Metal Mining Co. LTD, Shanghai Qunxian International Trading Co., Ltd , Guangxi Menghua Technology Investment Co., Ltd, etc. were arriving at the scene successively.

They came to the summit with their expectation to the manganese market, and discussed the market trend and focuses in 2018 with all the people of manganese industry from aspects of macro-economy, steel market, downstream alloy, and foreign manganese ore supply.

Business Talk

2018 FerroAlloyNet 13th International Manganese Products Summit has invited more than 300 delegates from several countries to gather in Sanya, including upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry, miners, minerals traders, ferroalloy manufacturers and traders, end buyers, equipment enterprises, logistics, futures services companies, industry association, research institution, etc. The business talk was opened at 2:00pm on 15th, delegates entered the conference hall successively. According their demands, FerroAlloyNet staff has matched these companies. In the early stage of careful preparation and active efforts, they has provided the most direct and comprehensive opportunity for delegates. The atmosphere of business talk was high and lively. Under the introduce of FerroAlloyNet staff, participants found partners to actively join in negotiations, develop deep communication, exchange business card, and establish a preliminary cooperative relationship and achieve initial cooperation intention. As the organizer of the business talk, FerroAlloyNet attached great importance to the negotiation and cooperation between the representatives, hoping to strengthen mutual exchanges and dialogue through this summit, providing more opportunities for trade and investment between ferroalloy industries, establishing a platform for stable cooperation and exchange between supply and demand.

Welcome Banquet

The welcome banquet of FerroAlloyNet 13th International Manganese Products Summit began at 18:00. Many thanks for the supporters of Diamond Sponsors SESA GLOBAL IMPEX FZE and Ningxia Jixin Ferroalloy Co. LTD, and sponsor Guangxi Guangfang Metal Mining Co. LTD.

FerroAlloyNet International Manganese Products Summit has been successfully held for 12 times. Thanks for the support of ferroalloy industry. Deepening cooperation, grasping the market trend, we all gather here to discuss the 2018 macro-economy trend, domestic and foreign manganese market supply and demand relationship, and market trend and focuses.

Delegates gathered in the banquet to celebrate together. It is also a reward for the hard work of the past. As the organizer, FerroAlloyNet expressed gratitude to all delegates.



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