FerroAlloyNet 14th International Chrome&Nickel Products Summit

FerroAlloyNet 14th International Chrome&Nickel Products Summit was held successfully on March 12-13, 2018 in FAIRMONT CHENGDU, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. More than 300 delegates from over 30 countries attended this conference, which covered chrome and nickel upstream and downstream enterprises, including mine owners, ore traders, alloy manufactures, end users, equipment factories, logistics companies, industry associations, research institutes, steel mills, etc.

Here special thanks to the conference supporters: Guangzhou Yazhong Business Trading Co., Ltd, Luoyang Xingchi Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd., Fujax Minerals and Energy Limited, Tianjin Clivia International Trade CO., LTD., Shanghai Garcia Industry Investment Co., Ltd, Beijing Hongyi Huatai Minerals Co., Ltd, Alfred H Knight, Henan Gangneng Trade Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Xinling Minerals Co. Ltd, RTL (Beijing Runtianlong International Trade Co.,Ltd), Shanghai Jiekun International Trade Co., Ltd, Guangxi Sincerity Investment & Trading Co. Ltd, EHUI Group Co., Ltd., Zhenyuan Qiandong Metallurgical Burden Ltd., NINGBO JIAMING EXPORT & IMPORT CO., LTD, BEIJING ENJIAHUA LTD., Mitsubishi Corporation (Shanghai) Limited, YINGKOU NINGFENG GROUP CO., LTD., HENAN AOXIN ALLOY CO.,LTD., etc.

We look forward to meeting you again in FerroAlloyNet 5th Mining Summit in June, 2018!

Business Talk

Era is developing, and market is changing. The business talk session began on 14:00, pm, 12th March, 2018, and delegates of various enterprises entered the venue with full enthusiasm. With the help and guide of conference staff, attendees were busy in finding their matching partners. Domestic and foreign enterprises dealing with chrome and nickel products as well as purchasing steel mill have made business talk with each other accordingly. They have actively exchanged business cards, and some enterprises have established a preliminary cooperative relationship on the conference spot and even reached an intention of further cooperation. In the past 2017, it is the high price of import raw ore and the continuous shrinking demand of downstream terminal, i.e., the stainless steel market, plague the global chrome and nickel market. In addition, domestic production limitation for the sake of environmental protection and various external factors, artificial speculation as well as the influence of upstream and downstream supply and demand, have caused the price of chrome and nickel products to be overwhelming. As the market price rises and falls sharply and irregularly, the market trend is becoming complicated and confusing. Under such circumstance, domestic and foreign enterprises in chrome and nickel industry chain are also trying to seek new development in the chaotic pattern. Although the great changes of chrome market in 2017 have caused huge risk and mental stress for industry insiders, drastic fluctuation of chrome products price has made generous profits for market players. Then, will the chrome market price in 2018 follow the last rally of 2017? Or will the price upward trend face a suspension due to the stainless steel market?

Welcome Banquet

It is our honor to have invited all the guests and gather in Chengdu. Thanks for the support from our diamond sponsor SINOKIND (TIANJIN) INTERNATION CO., LTD, strong supporters C&D Logistics (TianJin) Industry Co., Ltd and Shanghai Equeen Industry Co., Ltd, and dinner sponsor GLOBAL MINING INC.-TURKEY. We will keep focusing on the discussion and research on macro-economic situation, domestic and foreign supply and demand relationship of chrome and nickel, market information and market focus in 2018.

Special thanks to all of the participants of FerroAlloyNet 14th International Chrome&Nickel Products Summit and those who support FerroAlloyNet International Business Limited regularly. Thanks to your support to our company, this conference received great recognition. We will continue to improve ourselves aiming to provide a better trade platform for customers and better on-site service.

If you were unable to attend our conference due to your tight schedule, but would like to reach all the participants and get to know the exact information shared by the industry experts and industry leaders, we have Electronic-edition materials (presentation, delegate list and trade lead directory) of the 2018 FerroAlloyNet 14th International Chrome&Nickel Products Summit for you.

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