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FerroAlloyNet 18th International Manganese Industry Forum is located in Dali, a historic and cultural city, in the dam area between The Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake. Yunnan has a wealth of mineral resources based on the derivative manganese alloy industry, attracting people to gather here. On September 10, the meeting was formally signed in. With expectations and feelings, “manganese men and women” came from all directions, and the rare meeting under the epidemic seems more precious. At the same time, under the organization of FerroAlloyNet, the conference is not only a gathering of industry leaders, industry elites, but also a lot of benefits and exquisite gifts sent. The status of sign-in is as follows:

There are more than 90 companies signing in. Sumitomo Corporation (China) Co., LTD., Chongqing DaLang Metallurgy New Materials Co., LTD., Inner Mongolia Puyuan Ferroalloy Co., LTD., Yunnan Maitreya Metallurgy Building Material Co., LTD., Weifang Special Steel Group Co., LTD., Baise Bisheng Mining Co., LTD., national electric cast group guizhou jinyuan suijiang Yang industry co., LTD., CITIC Manganese (Qinzhou) New Material Co., LTD., and Ningxia Zhengjun New Material Technology Co., LTD., etc have signed in all. More businesses are on their way to the conference.

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After a short break, the trade talks officially started at 13:00 PM on September 10, and already there were bustling manganese-people waiting outside the Cangshan Hall on the fifth floor. As one of the main links of the conference, the trade fair can bring a wider range of customer resources and actual order opportunities, for which many people in the manganese industry come.
And in the FerroAlloyNet 18th International Manganese Industry Forum, in addition to the regular trade matchmaking talks, there was additional new manganese product promotion link. As long as you have the goods, you can sell in the venue. We can freely recommend a large number of signed orders, and the welfare will be upgraded again.
The fair site was still in full swing, and the new and old customers in this collision were out of new sparks. The market operated smoothly in the middle of the month. Manganese ore and alloy market keep smooth operation and do not lack firmness. They talk endlessly how about the later market is. 

The heavy link - manganese product promotion meeting officially began on September 10, 15:30. All the enterprises attending and participating in the promotion meeting are industry quality customers, and the FerroAlloyNet 18th International Manganese Industry Forum will bring you preferential benefits. More than 20 high quality manganese enterprises displayed manganese ore and alloy products one by one. All are wide-eyed for fear of missing out on high quality and low price supply. There was no lack of contracts signed on the spot, which laid the foundation for further cooperation after the meeting.


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