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On November 4, 2020, FerroAlloyNet 11th International Vanadium Products Forum & Annual Meeting" was opened in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province. At 13:00 PM, the meeting officially started in the grand banquet hall on the fourth floor. Representatives from various enterprises arrived at the venue one after another, and under the guidance of the staff of FerroAlloyNet, they signed in and took pictures to receive materials.  

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At 14:00, 4 November, the trade negotiation started. The fair was in full swing. We exchanged business cards, discussed the future development of the market and chatted about what we thought. And some enterprises have reached preliminary cooperation intention on site, which brings more opportunities for their own development.

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At 18:00, 4 November, we have the welcome dinner together. First of all, Mr. Wang Liang, general manager of Jinzhou Vanadium Industry Co., LTD, will give a welcome address to friends of vanadium industry from all over the world to gather in Jinzhou at this welcome banquet.  

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After the two performances, the highlight of the dinner will be the 2020 China Vanadium Industry Annual Quality Supplier Award Ceremony. Awards for different vanadium products and enterprise nature, respectively set up: "The Strongest Comprehensive Strength in China Vanadium Industry Enterprises in 2020", "2020 China Vanadium Industry Best Honesty Supplier", "2020 China Partial Ammonium Vanadate Excellent Supplier", "2020 China Vanadium Pentoxide Quality Suppliers", "2020 China Vanadium Iron Quality Suppliers", "2020 China VN alloy Quality Suppliers", "2020 China Vanadium Alloy Quality Suppliers", "2020 China Vanadium Nitride iron Quality Suppliers".

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