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2023 FerroAlloyNet 22nd International Manganese Products Summit & New Energy Application Seminar

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Relevant participants of the FerroAlloyNet 22nd International Manganese Summit arrived at Yunnan Mile Metallurgical Building Materials Co., Ltd. on March 3, and were warmly received by Chairman Zhao, Ke Peng, Vice Chairman, and other relevant leaders. The participants conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the current hot issues in the manganese industry and the future development and production plans of Mile Metallurgical.

Yunnan Mile Metallurgical Building Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is located in Xiaopute, Pengpu Town, Mile City, Yunnan Province (Pengpu District, Mile Industrial Park). The company's business scope includes the production and sales of manganese-based ferroalloys, and the integration of raw material purchase and sales; the company has a sound organizational structure and is a private collective enterprise (owned by Shanxing Village Group, Xinshao Town, Mile City). The company currently has two 25,000KAV manganese-based ferroalloy electric furnaces, and supporting constructions include power supply systems, water supply systems, transportation systems, dust removal systems, etc. The scale of the company's production equipment meets the requirements of industry norms, and safety, environmental protection, and energy saving all meet the requirements of industry norms. The company's two electric furnaces have an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of manganese-based ferroalloys. The company currently has 240 employees, including 20 with a college degree or above and 10 engineers. As the largest production and operation enterprise of manganese-based ferroalloys in Yunnan Province, the company mainly produces and sells manganese-based ferroalloys, integrating raw material purchase and sales, and continuously expands the company's multi-segment business operations. Its business operations cover many regions. In the course of many years of development, combining the technical theory system with practice, the company has explored a mature, scientific and humane management system and a development path with its own characteristics through continuous summarization and innovation, and has cultivated a group of management and technical talents with professional knowledge for the company. The company has always maintained the business philosophy of honesty and quality first to provide customers with superior quality products and serve the needs of every customer. The company focuses on the goals and concepts of effectively protecting the environment, accelerating technological progress, reducing consumption, transforming and upgrading production technology and equipment levels, and improving market competitiveness. Gather the strength of the company and the society, and contribute to the full utilization of mineral resources and the transformation of the company from a traditional ferroalloy enterprise to a modern and automated ferroalloy enterprise.

FerroAlloyNet expressed our sincere gratitude for the strong support given by Mile Metallurgical at this manganese summit, and the two parties will also seek more cooperation opportunities in the future development.


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