FerroAlloyNet 15th International Chrome&Nickel Products Summit

Hohhot, meaning "blue city" in Mongolian, is a city of 400 years history with distinctive national characteristics and numerous scenic spots. It is also one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. FerroAlloyNet 15th International Chrome & Nickel Products Summit was held successfully on September 13th-14th, 2018 in Shangri-La hotel HUHHOT in Inner Mongolia, China.

More than 300 delegates from over 30 countries attended this conference, which covered chrome and nickel upstream and downstream enterprises, including mine owners, ore traders, alloy manufactures, end users, equipment factories, logistics companies, futures service, industry associations, research institutes, steel mills, etc.

In the morning of Sep 13, delegates finished checked-in, the representative enterprises are as follows: Syndicate Minerals Export Company, Shandong High-speed Logistics International Trading Co., Ltd, Chengdu Gemstar Trading Co., Ltd, Pelagic Resources Pty Ltd, Xiamen Xiangyu Logistics Group Corporation, HE NAN GANG NENG TRADING CO.,LTD, Shanghai Xinyi Metallurgical Burden Co., Ltd., Gulf Mining Materials Co. LLC, Tianjin Diamond International Trading Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Corporation (Shanghai) Limited, Yong'an Futures Co., LTD, Inner Mongolia Risheng Zhibo Metallurgical Co., Ltd, etc.

Ferroalloynet International Chrome & Nickel Products Summit is one of the famous events with the biggest scale, the most brand-name benefits and industry influence in the industry. We are focusing on building a platform for communication and interaction for global chromium and nickel enterprises.

We look forward to meeting you again in FerroAlloyNet 6th Annual Summit in December, 2018!

Business Talk

The autumn of Hohhot is a golden season, and the magnates in chrome-nickel industry gathered in this city to experience the unique natural scenery of the grassland.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, representatives entered the venue with full enthusiasm. The current world situation is still unstable and there exist many unpredictability and uncertainties. The Chinese economy has been deeply integrated into the global economy. How the international economic changes will affect China's economy requires a timely assessment of the situation and an accurate response.

In April 2018, the United States willfully added a list of goods subject to tariffs, and the Sino-US trade war was again ringing, which made the overall situation of the China's steel industry frustrated. Faced with 18 years of continuous expansion of ferrochrome capacity, can the growth rate of stainless steel capacity match with the growth rate of ferrochrome capacity? How will the relationship between supply and demand be interpreted? The chrome ore from Zimbabwe origin is increasingly favored by the domestic market due to its high cost performance and high reserves. Zimbabwe chrome ore imports are gradually increasing, and it has already leapt to the third place in total imports. At the same time, Sinosteel, Tsingshan and other large group companies has expanded the ferrochrome projects in Zimbabwe. Will Zimbabwe become a major foreign ferrochrome supply port after South Africa, Kazakhstan, and India?

It has been one and a half years since Indonesia opened the quota for nickel mines, and it is expected that the oversupply of nickel ore will not be alleviated. The supply and demand structure of nickel ore and ferronickel market has completely changed, from the foreign seller market to the domestic buyer market. Under the circumstance, the price of nickel ore has always been depressed. Where should the nickel mines go? The transaction of raw materials decreased, so the profit of ferronickel production increased significantly. However, the backwardation of ferronickel is still obvious compared to nickel plate. Under the severe domestic environmental protection policy, can the price of ferronickel be converted into contango again? With the continuous decline of nickel plate stocks at home and abroad, the demand for nickel briquettes is getting stronger. Can nickel briquettes overcome difficulties and enter the mainstream market in large quantities? How will the situation of nickel market change trend?

At the venue, participants actively joint in negotiations, developed deep communication, exchanged business cards, and established a preliminary cooperative relationship and achieved initial cooperation intention.



It is our honor to have invited all the guests and gather in Hohhot. Thanks for the support from all the attendees. We will keep focusing on the discussion and research on macro-economic situation, domestic and foreign supply and demand relationship of chrome and nickel, market information and market focus in 2018.

Special thanks to all of the participants of FerroAlloyNet 15th International Chrome&Nickel Products Summit and those who support FerroAlloyNet International Business Limited regularly. Thanks to your support to our company, this conference received great recognition. We will continue to improve ourselves aiming to provide a better trade platform for customers and better on-site service.

If you were unable to attend our conference due to your tight schedule, but would like to reach all the participants and get to know the exact information shared by the industry experts and industry leaders, we have Electronic-edition materials (presentation, delegate list, trade lead directory, global mining map, and China’s ferronickel and ferrochrome plants distribution map) of the 2018 FerroAlloyNet 15th International Chrome&Nickel Products Summit for you.

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