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FerroAlloyNet 25th International Chrome & Nickel & Stainless Steel & New Energy Forum











FerroAlloyNet 25th International Chrome & Nickel & Stainless Steel & New Energy Forum will be held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China on March 20-22, 2024. We sincerely invite you to attend!

Looking back to 2023, the domestic and international prices of chrome ore have maintained at a high level, which not only gives strong cost support to ferrochrome, but also provides guarantee for the stability of its price. Even the price of ferrochrome was basically guided by the price of chrome ore in 2023. The supply of high carbon ferrochrome has repeatedly reached record highs. Under the premise that the output and supply of overseas chrome ore has not increased massively, the relationship between domestic supply and demand has changed, and the port inventory remained low, so that the trend of ore prices has become an important guide of ferrochrome prices. At the same time, in order to seek a more stable mode of operation, chrome ore traders cooperated more closely with factories. Financing, mat endowment, shareholding and other ways have become common practice. On the other hand, due to the continuous downturn in the stainless steel market, the ferrochrome factory is under pressure on both sides. In order to reduce losses, steel mills reduced production and some suspended in the fourth quarter, resulting in a decline in the demand for raw materials and a continuous downward adjustment in ferrochrome prices, and causing the southern and northern ferrochrome factories to be unable to make ends meet. Factories in the south expanded the suspension of production, and the stalemate of the industrial chain intensified.

In 2023, the proportion of imported nickel ore grades has failed to keep a balance, with a significant year-on-year increase in the import volume of low grade nickel ore and a year-on-year decrease in the import volume of medium grade nickel ore. The domestic market supply and demand have quietly changed; Indonesian nickel ore prices have also fluctuated and become the focus of market attention once again. In 2024, the nickel ore market may face intensified challenges. On the one hand, China's market demand is expected to shrink, making imported nickel ore trading more difficult. On the other hand, Indonesian policy risks are still uncertain, and the market will face unknown challenges. Indonesia's nickel pig iron production capacity continues to increase, resulting in an oversupply of high grade nickel pig iron and a sharp drop in prices. The cost of domestically produced nickel pig iron remains high and continues to face a downturn in selling price. Although domestic factories have reduced production, the results have been minimal. In 2024, Indonesia's new nickel pig iron production capacity will continue to be put into operation, and the oversupply situation of nickel pig iron is difficult to change.

In 2023, the "defense war" of stainless steel prices continues to take place, with the highest drop of over 3,000 Yuan/ton for 300 series stainless steel products this year. Global economic growth is weak, and domestic stainless steel consumption has declined instead of being driven. In addition, layers of trade barriers in overseas markets have led to unsatisfactory stainless steel exports. In the context of increasing production of stainless steel, demand has not effectively followed up, and overcapacity has emerged. Steel mills have cancelled price limits and reduced prices to sell, leading to fierce competition within the industry and continuous price breaks.

In the context of the "Carbon peak and carbon neutrality" strategy, the development trend of the new energy industry is inevitable. Nickel, as one of the important ternary materials in the new energy industry, has become more entangled with traditional stainless steel raw materials after opening up the exchange channels between nickel pig iron and nickel matte, and increasing the production volume of electrolytic nickel by MHP. In 2024, some salt lake production capacity and African lithium mine production capacity will be released, and the average cost of lithium carbonate in the market will be reduced, and the supply of raw materials will increase. It is estimated that lithium salt prices will further return to rationality in 2024.

Looking forward to gathering together in the city of Kunming, Yunnan province, China! We will invite more than 600 representatives from the upstream and downstream industries of chrome, nickel, stainless steel and new energy to the event. We sincerely invite you to attend FerroAlloyNet 25th International Chrome & Nickel & Stainless Steel & New Energy Forum on March 20-22, 2024!


New Energy Focuses

1.The impact of large release of salt lake capacity on the price of hard lithium ore

2.Development of new energy projects in Chile and Argentina

3.The impact of U.S. IRA policy on domestic enterprises opening up foreign markets

4.Lithium mining situation in Africa

5.Evolution and impact of new energy supply and demand

6.Indonesia's new production capacity for nickel matte

7.New MHP production capacity in Indonesia

Stainless Steel Focuses

1.Subsequent increase in production capacity of stainless steel

2.Current status and outlook of downstream consumption of stainless steel

3.Structure of raw material configuration in steel mills

4.Balance of supply and demand of stainless steel raw materials

5.Review of the stainless steel market in 2023 and outlook for the future in 2024

Nickel Series Focuses

1.Changes in mining policy and system in the Philippines

2.The increase of new nickel mines in the Philippines

3.Changes in Indonesia's mining policy and system

4.Supply situation of Indonesian mines

5.Changes in Philippine exports shifting towards Indonesia

6.Analysis of new capacity projects in Indonesia for 2024 and the future

7.Cost situation of Indonesian nickel pig iron

8.Changes and impacts of Indonesia's nickel industry

9.The contradiction between the increase in domestic pure nickel output and the contraction of demand

10.Changes in export policies for nickel series products in Indonesia

11.Exploring the possibility of Philippine exports turning to Indonesia

12.Changes and prospects in the global shipping market

Chrome Series Focuses

1.Will the shutdown and reduction of ferrochrome factories in 2024 affect the north?

2.Northern production capacity continues to expand, how can southern enterprises cope with intensified competition?

3.How do southern chrome ore traders survive?

4.What is the impact of the rising production capacity of overseas ferrochrome and chrome ore on the domestic supply situation of chrome series?

5.How to deal with price competition caused by imported high carbon ferrochrome reflux?

6.How to strive for profit operating space for ferrochrome traders?

7.The direct cooperation between factories and mines deepened, what is the direction of chrome ore traders?

8.The demand for chrome ore is constantly increasing, and how to obtain a stable supply of first-hand goods has become a new issue

9.The impact of South African electricity issues, inland transportation, and port conditions on chrome ore exports

10.Can the essential position of South African chrome ore concentrate be weakened?

11.The impact of quality differences in South African ROM on prices

12.Whether Albania will implement mining tax collection in 2024 and its impact on chrome ore exports?

13.Difficulties, challenges and opportunities faced by Türkiye's chrome mines in 2024

14.Can Oman release new chrome ore projects in 2024 to solve resource problems?


20 March 2024Conference Sign-in & Business Talk


Registration & Getting Conference Materials


Participants Enter & Conference Opens


Activity 1: Trade Negotiation for Upstream and Downstream Industries of Chrome and Nickel, Stainless Steel Industry and New Energy Industry

Arrange the Negotiation of Enterprises According to the Supply and Demand Information of Them on the Conference Site

Provide Trade Matching Services to Help Enterprises Find Customers

Large Screen for the Rolling Display of Enterprise Supply and Demand Information, Accurate Publicity to Help Expand Business Opportunities

Activity 2:China's Ferrochrome New Projects Promotion Conference

Activity 3:Private Session on Quality Inspection of South African Chrome ROM


Welcome Banquet

21 March 2024Keynote Speech


The Macroeconomic Situation and Industry Development in China in 2024


The Contradiction between Consumption and Supply in the Stainless Steel Industry in 2024 under the Background of Carbon Peaking


Tea Break


Exploration of the Evolution of New Energy Supply and Demand and Investment Opportunities


Analysis and Prediction of the Global Chrome Market in 2024


Buffet Lunch


Outlook for the Nickel Market under the Background of New Energy Transformation


How to Deal with Price Competition Caused by Imported High Carbon Ferrochrome Reflux


Changes and Impacts of Indonesia's Nickel Industry


Review and Outlook of the International Chrome, Nickel and Stainless Steel Market in 2023


Buffet Dinner

22 March 2024 | One-day Travel to Stone Forest Scenic

For final topics, speakers and conference activities, please notice the final release or information on the conference website.


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