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2018 FerroAlloyNet 14th International Manganese Products Summit

FerroAlloyNet 14th International Manganese Products Summit was held successfully on September 10th, 2018 in Shangri-La hotel HUHHOT in Inner Mongolia, China. Delegates from Baise Bisheng Mining Co., Ltd., Wulanchabu Xiongwei Guangda New Materials Co. LTD., Guangxi Dameng Manganese Industry Group Co., Ltd., Bejing Mechanical International Investing Co.,Ltd., SHANXI DONGFANG RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT , CO., LTD., China National Minerals Co., Ltd/Minmetals, Chongqing Manganese Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., SUMITOMO CORPORATION (CHINA) HOLDING LTD., CITIC DAMENG (GUANGXI) MINING INVESTMENT CO., LTD., Asia Minerals (Shenzhen) Limited., Shaanxi Sinian Metal&Mining Co.,Ltd., etc were arriving at the scene successively.

This summit has attracted more than 190 enterprises. During the registration site, attendees exchanged business cards, and held business talks with each other. Staff from FerroAlloyNet was also actively engaged in providing more trade opportunities for participating enterprises.

Business Talk

FerroAlloyNet 14th International Manganese Products Summit Business Talk was opened at 2:00pm on the 2nd floor in Shangri-La hotel HUHHOT. The atmosphere of business talk was high and lively. They met old friends and knew new partners to discuss manganese market and friendship. According the enterprises’ demands, staff from FerroAlloyNet has matched the companies in advance to provide the most direct and comprehensive opportunity for delegates. Under the introduce of the staff, participants found partners to actively join in negotiations, develop deep communication, exchange business card, and establish a preliminary cooperative relationship and achieve initial cooperation intention.

“Seize opportunities to deepen cooperation and share results”. This summit covered many manganese series and related products, such as manganese ore, silicon manganese, ferromanganese, electrolytic manganese, steel, futures, economy, etc., providing comprehensive service “trade matching + series negotiation” for industry representatives.

The key in the late production is production curtailment policy ---- FerroAlloyNet 14th International Manganese Products Summit Market Analysis

Since 2018, the manganese series market could be said to be capricious and irregular, during which silicon manganese was first suppressed and then increased, and manganese ore and ferromanganese was ups and downs crisscross, while electrolytic manganese skyrocketed at one time due to Tianyuan and environmental protection events, then descending rapidly and being stable. After the Spring Festival, the overall performance of the market was relatively weak. In the later stage, due to the deep impact of environmental protection inspection, various products gradually raised due to the support of the downstream growth or the sparse spot. What is obvious is that at the end of May, silicon manganese operated in high level because of tight supply growth and electrolytic manganese production reduction. During this market changes, FerroAlloyNet 14th International Manganese Products Summit was held on September 10th-12th, 2018 in Shangri-La hotel HUHHOT in Inner Mongolia, China, making some important analysis on the trend of early and late stage of manganese system.

This summit was related to steel, manganese ore, manganese alloy, electrolytic manganese, futures, environmental protection, etc., and invited some industry authorities like Mr. Shi Wanli, Secretary General from China Ferroalloys Industry Association, Mr. Jiang, Director & Deputy general manager from Asia Minerals Limited, Ms. Gao Xiaoting from Ecological Environment Department Environmental Planning Institute, Ms. Wang Ruilin from CRU, Mr. Shi Wanli, Secretary general from China Ferroalloys Industry Association, Mr. Walter Ruigu from CAMAL GROUP LIMITED, Mr. Tan Zhuzhong, President of National Electrolytic Manganese Association, and Ms. Liang Mingming from FerroAlloyNet to share some opinions and introductions. Through the analysis of speakers, participants have a certain understanding to the market of manganese system. The main content is as follows.

Manganese ore: This year, the import volume of manganese ore continued to increase, and the price level, especially the worldwide price, continued to rise. Among them, the average worldwide price of the South Africa semi-carbonated manganese ore has a more obvious overshoot than last year. Because of limited high grade manganese ore resources and driven by the market, the large factories has increased the amount and ordered futures to guarantee production. While the competition between South African manganese ore mines intensified, and the market is disordered, domestic powerful manganese ore importers gradually control the market initiative.

The import cost of manganese ore generally increased this year, while the spot price of manganese ore was suppressed by high inventory, so the manganese miners suffered the loss silently. At present, the market has been basically regulated to a reasonable level, and the market robustness has been enhanced. However, till November, due to the steel mills production limit of northern heating quarterly and the new production capacity, the alloy market is dominated by bad news, but the manganese ore market is affected by mixed happiness and sorrow. While in the manganese ore worldwide price level continueing to drive the high cost support, it is expected that, until the end of this year, the manganese ore market is overall stable, but price for different grade may fluctuate.

Manganese alloy: The ferroalloy focused on the manganese series, and the manganese series focused on silicon manganese. As the largest production and capacity products, silicon manganese has become the industry's sign, and the industry's concentration degree is becoming more and more obvious. Inner Mongolia and Ningxia have become the main producing area of silicon manganese and present a further improving trend. A new round of overcapacity will lead to more fierce market competition. Small-size and poor-equipped enterprises with weak anti-risk ability will be eliminated. Horizontal merger and reorganization is imperative, and the same type of enterprises to establish a large joint-stock group gradually met the conditions. At the same time, as a result of banning “substandard steel” and improving some steel standards, the demand for silicon manganese has showed a rising trend. Overall judgment of silicon manganese supply and demand evolution trend: tight supply > abundant supply > oversupply. The progress of evolution is affected by the production limit policy, but the general direction is determined.

The alloy industry is affected by obsolete production capacity and environmental storm, resulting in low capacity utilization rate. Therefore, on the premise that the new production capacity has not been released substantially, the silicon manganese alloy basically maintains the balance of supply and demand. Currently, the market of silicon-manganese is in a tight balanced state. Higher prices stimulate the supply side to increase the supply, and the new capacity will speed up the production process, while the demand side has downward pressure. Combined with the fact that the environment protection will not be relaxed, this means that production limitation will continue. From this point of view, manganese alloy aftermarket was still affected by many aspects. It is expected that the basic supply and demand balance will be maintained in the short term while the operation is weak and stable. However, in the long term, it may go down. In the later period, it is necessary to further observe the demand release of manganese alloy from downstream steel mills.

Electrolytic manganese: In this summit, FerroAlloyNet has invited electrolytic manganese expert Mr. Tan Zhuzhong to analyze the whole electrolytic manganese market. He has compared the output, production capacity, and export volume of electrolytic manganese in 2017 and 2018 at the summit. In 2017, the national electrolytic manganese is 1.52million ton, export volume 428,000 ton, with 52 enterprises being into production, the entire electrolytic manganese market oversupply, and the annual price being at a low level. Until the end of December, it began to rise to about 13,500 yuan/ton. At the first quarter of 2018, electrolytic manganese price also fluctuates, decreasing to 11,000yuan/ton until April. In May, large factories in Ningxia has reduced production, wholly stopped production because of tailings problem in Guozhou Songtao area. The Huayuan mine in Hunan province was shut down because of environmental protection and safety accidents, which makes most of manganese plants production reduction, and electrolytic manganese capacity decrease nearly 600,000 ton totally. In July, Sanrun in Chongqing has stopped production and repaired due to “Bucket” accident, electrolytic manganese market daily output reduced to about 3,500 tons. The price of electrolytic manganese started to rise in the case of a substantial reduction in the market spot, until the end of July, rising to about 19,800 yuan/ton.

At present, the market pays more attention to the recovery production of manganese plants in the main producing area. Mr. Tan pointed out that the recovery production should solve the problems such as manganese slag, ammonia gas, etc. The pollution and leakage problem of manganese slag tailings has long been troubling the whole electrolytic manganese industry, while the project of using manganese slag as anhydrous brick proposed by Songtao region has not been realized yet, and cannot be realized in the short term with the current technology, downstream market, capital, and other aspects. Environmental protection is a major concern in China today. Only by realizing rational utilization of manganese residue, harmless treatment and optimized resource treatment, can the problem be better solved. The solution of this problem also needs to establish the standard of the content of electrolytic manganese slag, wastewater, ammonium gas, manganese sulfate, ammonia sulfuric, etc, which will be a constant battle.

Marketing Part: At present, only the electrolytic manganese production stays in 2 million ton, can the market develop stably. Only by realizing capacity optimization and reasonably solving the problem of excess capacity, can electrolytic manganese market develop healthily and sustainable. And recently, if the Ningxia manganese plants or Songtao, Guizhou, or Hunan manganese plants, any part began to resume, electrolytic manganese production increased, the market price is bound to decline. If maintained to stop production, then electrolytic manganese will continue to be at high level. Apart from the meeting for new and old friends and promoting the transaction and expanding the influence of the industry, it was also a highlight of this summit to collect the views of all parties. Through exchanges and communication within the industry, this summit has a clear guiding role for aftermarket of manganese ore, manganese alloy, and electrolytic manganese. The visit to the factory after the summit hit the first production line directly, and made the visitors have a deeper understanding of the production of silicon manganese alloy.

For this meeting, the participants all gave high comments. So far, FerroAlloyNet 14th International Manganese Products Summit has come to a successful end. We look forward to the next gathering. Let us wish the brilliant future of the manganese system market together. Through 15 years, FerroAlloyNet committed to market information communication and promotion of manganese business, and highly praised by the industry. We look forward to meeting you again in FerroAlloyNet 15th Manganese Products Summit in March, 2019.



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