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FerroAlloyNet 26th International Chrome & Nickel & Stainless Steel & New Energy Forum











FerroAlloyNet 26th International Chrome & Nickel & Stainless Steel & New Energy Forum will be held in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China on September 11-13, 2024. We sincerely invite you to attend!

In recent years, China's ferrochrome production capacity has flourished and its proportion in global production capacity has been increasing year by year. The focus of production capacity has shifted from south to north, with obvious characteristics of large-scale and centralized production. The significant increase in ferrochrome production capacity has led to an explosive growth in demand for chrome ore. In addition, Indonesia's new ferrochrome production capacity has been put into operation, diverting some chrome ore resources and providing new support for ore prices, making the discourse power of ferrochrome factories, which were already completely dependent on imported chrome ore, even more fragile.

In 2024, the price of ferrochrome has always been at a high level affected by costs, and due to the continuous breakthrough of chrome ore consumption, the effective construction of port chrome ore inventory cannot be achieved. In addition, the initiative of ore prices is tightly grasped by sellers, and profits mainly flow upstream. Ferrochrome factories have entered a "thin profit" era completely.

In the first half of 2024, as domestic high grade nickel pig iron factories gradually shut down, the proportion of imported nickel ore grades tilted, with the import volume of medium grade nickel ore sharply decreasing, and the proportion of imported low grade nickel ore increased to about 70%. On the Indonesian side, due to insufficient approval of nickel ore quotas and the impact of rainy weather, domestic trade supply has continued to be tight. Indonesian factories had to increase the import volume of Philippine nickel ore, and the supply and demand in domestic and foreign markets have quietly changed. The upcoming inauguration of Indonesia's new president in October 2024 has brought new opportunities as policy risks intensify. Indonesia's nickel ore supply is tight, and the rising premium drives up the cost of nickel pig iron, which in turn drives up the price of high grade nickel pig iron. However, the demand in stainless steel terminals is average, with limited price increase, which suppresses the upward space of high grade nickel pig iron prices. The Indonesian nickel pig iron project continues to be put into operation, and the overall supply of high grade nickel pig iron is at a high level. Under large quantity supply conditions, can domestic and Indonesian pending projects still be put into operation as scheduled?

The stainless steel market in 2024 is complex and volatile. Under the influence of various factors such as global economic situation, supply and demand relationship, policy regulation, and fluctuations in raw material prices, the stainless steel market presents significant fluctuations and uncertainties. With the release of new production capacity, stainless steel output reached a new high in the second quarter. However, due to policy and unexpected factors, the increase in raw material prices is more significant, squeezing the profit margins of steel mills. The demand in traditional stainless steel consumption is not good, and new areas also need to be further developed. Therefore, the inventory and profitability of steel mills will directly affect the direction of raw material prices.

Under the background of the "carbon neutrality and carbon peaking" strategy, the new energy industry is rapidly developing and growing. Although the market demand in the first half of 2024 was slightly higher than expected, the overall demand is still at a low level, with weak adjustments in lithium prices. Under the realistic conditions of improving the quality of lithium carbonate in salt lakes and reducing costs and increasing efficiency in domestic lithium carbonate factories using hard lithium ore raw materials in 2024, the average cost of the lithium carbonate market continues to decrease. It is estimated that the lower limit of lithium salt prices will further expand in the second half of 2024.

Looking forward to gathering together in the city of Qingdao, Shandong province, China! We will invite more than 600 representatives from the upstream and downstream industries of chrome, nickel, stainless steel and new energy to the event. We sincerely invite you to attend FerroAlloyNet 26th International Chrome & Nickel & Stainless Steel & New Energy Forum on September 11-13, 2024!



New Energy Focuses

Operation and Construction of New Energy Projects in Indonesia

The impact of improving the quality of salt lake lithium carbonate on hard lithium ore and lithium carbonate prices

The recovery of control over Chilean salt lakes and the impact on lithium salt prices support

The impact of US tariff policies on batteries on domestic enterprises opening up foreign markets

Evolution of new energy supply and demand and the impact


Stainless Steel Focuses

New production capacity and inventory situation of stainless steel

Composition and proportion of downstream consumption of stainless steel

Balance of supply and demand of stainless steel raw materials

Review of the stainless steel market situation and future prospects

Structure of raw material configuration in steel mills


Nickel Series Focuses

Impact of mass production of oxygen rich side blowing furnaces on traditional RKFE

Consumption and supply of nickel ore in Indonesia

Feasibility of exporting a large amount of Philippine nickel ore to Indonesia

Related policies after the new president takes office

Progress of indonesia nickel pig iron project production and pending projects

Cost situation of Indonesian nickel pig iron

Supply and demand balance of nickel pig iron

How do domestic factories cope with low nickel pig iron prices?

The impact of China's pure nickel export on domestic pure nickel supply

New domestic pure nickel production capacity in the second half of 2024


Chrome Series Focuses

The driving factors of chrome demand and specific manifestations of end use

The importance of China for the development of South African chromium industry

The current situation of South Africa's chrome ore and ferrochrome industry

How to solve the supply-demand contradiction of chrome ore?

What is the way out for China's ferrochrome factories?

Where to go for the southern ferrochrome factories?

Performance and prospects of chrome ore markets in other producing countries

Supply and demand structure and challenges of Indian chrome ore and ferrochrome

How to achieve sustainable development and allocate resources reasonably?

The market pattern of chrome series is constantly changing, and what is the current situation of the global chrome series market?

With the significant increase in demand for chrome ore, how should domestic enterprises respond to the bottleneck problem?

The significance of chrome ore traders after close cooperation between the supply and demand sides

With the continuous deployment of new large-scale production capacity, how to optimize small and medium-sized ore heating furnaces themselves

What role does the China market play in the global chrome industry as the growth rate of mineral supply is not as fast as the new release of ferroalloy production capacity?


                                             11 September 2024Conference Sign-in & Business Talk


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Activity 1: Trade Negotiation for Upstream and Downstream Industries of Chrome and Nickel, Stainless Steel Industry and New Energy Industry

Arrange the Negotiation of Enterprises According to the Supply and Demand Information of Them on the Conference Site

Provide Trade Matching Services to Help Enterprises Find Customers

Large Screen for the Rolling Display of Enterprise Supply and Demand Information, Accurate Publicity to Help Expand Business Opportunities


Welcome Banquet

12 September 2024Keynote Speech


The macroeconomic situation and industry development in China in 2024


Analysis and exploration of the specific performance of stainless steel in terms of raw material demand and end use


Tea break


Exploration of the Evolution of New Energy Supply and Demand and Investment Opportunities


The market pattern of chrome series is constantly changing, and what is the current situation of the global chrome series market


Buffet Lunch


Feasibility analysis of exporting a large amount of Philippine nickel ore to Indonesia


Discussion on the Importance of China for the Development of South African Chrome Industry


Analysis and Outlook on the Current Situation of Policies and Supply and Demand of Nickel ore in Indonesia


Analysis of Resource Rationalization and Allocation in Chrome Ore Supply and Demand Contradiction


Buffet Dinner

13 September 2024 | Business Travel


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