FerroAlloyNet 6th Annual Summit- 2019 Ferroalloy Industry Outlook

“Seize the moment to win in the future!” FerroAlloyNet 6th Annual Summit- 2019 Ferroalloy Industry Outlook was held successfully on Dec 13-15, 2018 in MINYOUN ROYAL HOTEL(SOUTH KEHUA ROAD).

Delegates from Sichuan Minghong Hengjin Technology Co., LTD, Core Consultants,JILIN FERROALLOYS,INTERNATIONAL MANGANESE INSTITUTE,ORIENT FUTURES,Vanadium & Titanium Research Institute of HBIS,Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association,Ganzhou Grand Sea W & Mo Group Co., Ltd.,JINDUICHENG MOLYBDENUM CO., LTD.,Shaanxi Tianyu Magnesium Industry Group Co., LTD,Lange Steel Information Research Center,NINGXIA HORIZON INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.,CITIC Futures Co. LTD.,Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning,Macroscopic Bureau of Economic Projection Department in State Information Center, etc. checked in successively.

Ferroalloynet 6th Annual Conference aims to build a platform for communication and cooperation, and discuss the market trend with the lead of excellent industry insiders, focusing on industry changes and hot spots, and gathering the upstream and downstream clients in ferroalloy industry, including mineral suppliers, enterprises of raw materials, alloy smelting, and trade circulation, steel mills procurement, equipments, logistics & warehousing, research institution, etc. We spare no effort to promote the development of ferroalloy industry.

Business Talk

The world economy is recovering and China is going to cut capacity. On the one hand, the profit growth rate of industrial enterprises above designated size in China is as high as 30%-40%. On the other hand, enterprises do not expand production capacity. Until 2019, China's new round of capacity expansion makes the superimposed increase of the inventory cycle, production cycle, and real estate cycle at the same time. In the future, a new round of capacity investment, traditional backward and surplus production capacity must have the connotation of a new era, a new cycle, and a new economy, representing the future of high-quality development. In 2019, we hope that the US stock market will further advance and the Chinese economy will be able to achieve stability.

More than 500 delegates are from mine owners, alloy producers and traders, domestic and foreign famous ferroalloy buyers, steel mills, research institutions, industry experts, mining and smelting equipment service providers, port and logistics enterprises, futures companies, etc. of chrome, nickel, manganese, ferrosilicon, magnesium metal, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, silicon metal, rare earth, multi-component, core spun yarn products in over 40 countries.

FerroAlloyNet 6th Annual Summit, according to the commonality and difference of each product, has divided trade negotiation areas and set up multiple speech sessions, and together with industry elites and upstream and downstream customers, focusing on the unpredictable ferroalloy market, to develop the collision of ideas and wisdom, share unique observations and cases in the industry, and jointly explore the core issues of production, trade, technology, concepts, etc.

FerroAlloyNet, with a team of professional product analysts from home and abroad, adheres to the principle of service-oriented, aiming at the needs of different customers, assisting others, conducting one-on-one referrals, discussing markets, communicating with each other, and promoting cooperation intentions. FerroAlloyNet will provide more cooperation opportunities for trade and investment between ferroalloy industries and build a stable platform for cooperation and exchange between supply and demand.

Welcome Banquet

In the evening of Dec. 13th, the welcome banquet of FerroAlloyNet 6th Annual Summit was held successfully, industry elites gathering together. Mr. Chen Xiaofeng, General Manager of FerroAlloyNet, delivered a speech, thanking the ferroalloy colleagues from all over the world and drinking a toast with the guests.

Conference Tour

FerroAlloyNet first "Iron Alloy Cup" one-day mountaineering trip to Mount Qingcheng was held as scheduled. The event aims to enhance industry exchanges, experience nature and Taoist culture". More than 80 attendees participate in this activity. The delegates enjoyed the scenery and made many good friends at the same time. FerroAlloyNet 6th International Annual Summit-2019 Industry Outlook comes to a successful end with the mountaineering activities. Thanks to all the participants for their long-term concern and support for the FerroAlloyNet. Look forward to meeting you at our next summit.


Special thanks to all of the participants of FerroAlloyNet 6th Annual Summit and those who support FerroAlloyNet International Business Limited regularly. Thanks to your support to our company, this conference received great recognition. We will continue to improve ourselves aiming to provide a better trade platform for customers and better on-site service.

If you were unable to attend our conference due to your tight schedule, but would like to reach all the participants and get to know the exact information shared by the industry experts and industry leaders, we have Electronic-version materials (presentation, delegate list and trade lead directory) of the FerroAlloyNet 6th Annual Summit for you.

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