2019 FerroAlloyNet International Tungsten Products Summit


2019 FerroAlloyNet International Tungsten Products Summit

FerroAlloyNet International Tungsten Products Summit will be held on March 21-22th, 2019 in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, China. We sincerely invite you to attend this event!

2019 FerroAlloyNet International Tungsten Products Summit will invite delegates who are engaged in tungsten products producing, trading, raw material suppling and downstream purchasing. This event will attract so many enterprises who pay attention to information exchange, market discussion, summit forum, trade negotiation, raw material order, the forecast of future market development and industry guidance. Participants will discuss the development direction of the industry together, watch the trend of tungsten industry, and seek new ways of industry!

In the first half of 2018, the market showed a relatively stable trend, and the market supply and demand relations tended to be balanced. It is mainly influenced by the policy factors such as "environmental protection" and "safety supervision". The construction of tungsten production enterprises has been greatly affected, which results in the price of some tungsten products rising sharply in short supply.

In 2019, facing the increasingly complicated domestic and international economic situation, further deepening of domestic reform and development, increasing pressure of economic growth slowdown, and the inherent contradiction of the tungsten market itself, what opportunities and challenges will China's tungsten product market face? How should tungsten manufacturers deal with both internal and external repairs? Hope this conference can give you some inspiration.

【Tungsten Ore】In 2018, China's tungsten ore supply structure has been gradually adjusted, and the supply of bulk cargo market has been significantly reduced, which has played a good support for the firm price of tungsten ore. Will the supply and demand structure of tungsten concentrate be further adjusted in 2019 under the background of accelerating the optimization and upgrading of economic structure, enhancing the ability of scientific and technological innovation, deepening reform and opening up, accelerating green development and deepening structural reform of supply side? How should manufacturers respond to new changes?

【Ferro Tungsten】The consumption capacity of ferrotungsten at home and abroad has reached the bottleneck. Is the market consumption capacity of ferrotungsten expected to increase with the adjustment of raw material structure in the field of high-speed tool steels? China's ferrotungsten production capacity is huge, will the consumption structure of the global ferrotungsten consumption market change in the face of unstable overall economic situation?

【APT】After the high pressure of environmental protection in 2018, most smelters have reached the environmental protection requirements of production. At the same time, in 2019, with some new capacity input, the supply capacity of APT market in China has been further enhanced. However, in the current situation of insufficient confidence in both domestic and foreign markets, can the growth of consumption capacity in global demand market in 2019 support the supply capacity of APT market?

Around above problems, FerroAlloyNet and well-known enterprises and experts in tungsten industry are once again working hand in hand to hold 2019 FerroAlloyNet International Tungsten Products Summit, sincerely invite you to attend the meeting for a systematic and in-depth interpretation of the supply and demand situation of tungsten resources at home and abroad, and help you grasp the pulse trend of tungsten market in 2019.

Conference Agenda
March 21, 2019
  • AM



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    Business Talk



    Welcome Dinner

March 22, 2019 (Speech/Business Talk)
  • AM


    Research Report on Tungsten Industry



    Group Photo

  • PM


    Lunch and rest



    Tungsten Industry Forum

Dinner Buffet: 18:00-20:00
Conference Highlights
Continuous Deepening Adjustment of Supply and Demand Structure in Tungsten Market
Opportunities and Challenges for Tungsten Trade Enterprises;
How to deal with Fanya Inventory?
Transformation and Upgrading of Cemented Carbide Products
Review of Tungsten Market in 2018 and Prediction of Tungsten Market in 2019
Under the complicated domestic and foreign economic situation, what challenges are tungsten enterprises facing and how to deal with them?


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