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FerroAlloyNet 17th International Chrome&Nickel Products Summit

Sanya, known as the "the Oriental Hawaii", is in the southernmost part of hainan island. Surrounded by blue seawater, and permeated with thick tropical feelings, it has the most beautiful seashore scenery of whole Hainan Island. , On Sep. 18, 2019, Ferroalloynet 17th International Chrome&Nickel Products Summit opened successfully in Shangri-La's Sanya Resort & Spa, Hainan.

This summit attracted more than 300 upstream and downstream enterprises in chrome and nickel industry from all over the world, including mine owners, minerals traders, alloy manufacturers & traders, end users, equipments factories, logistics companies, futures companies, research institutes, steel mills, industry associations, etc. In the afternoon of Sep 18, many delegates finished the registration, such as Mintal Group Ferrochrome Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, Sichuan Minghong Hengjin Technology Co., LTD, Shanghai Equeen, Tianjin Jiugang International Trade Co., Ltd, Metal Mining UK LTD, Monteagle International (UK) Limited, Inner Mongolia Shuangfu Chemical Co. LTD, NINGBO JIAMING EXPORT & IMPORT CO., LTD, Zhejiang Yongan Guofu Industrial Co.,Ltd, JIANGSU JUNREN MINERAL CO.,LTD, Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology Co.,Ltd, Henan Bangze Industrial Co. LTD, Guangdong Guangxin Suntec Investment Co.,Ltd, etc.

We look forward to meeting you again in FerroAlloyNet 7th Annual Summit in December, 2019!

Business Talk

During the chrome&nickel trade negotiation, staff of Ferroalloynet matched resources according to the needs and cooperation intentions of enterprises. Through careful preparation in the early stage and active efforts on the spot, they create the most direct and comprehensive trade cooperation opportunities for enterprise representatives. The scene is very lively and enthusiastic. Enterprise representatives make full use of the platform provided by the Summit to chat with interested customers, exchange business cards actively, and constantly find potential customers, bringing more business opportunities for the expansion and growth of enterprise business. Some enterprises have established preliminary cooperative relations on the spot, entered into a collaboration , enthusiastically exchanged, and drew a blueprint for the development of the industry.

Keynote Speeches
《Analysis of stainless steel industry chain》
- He Fan, Wuxi Huashangtong Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd
《Ferrochrome Supply and Demand Change and Prospect Analysis》
- Zhang Junhong, XinGangLian Metallurgical Co., Ltd.
《Analysis on nickel market》
- Wang Kai, Shanghai HEDGE International Trade Co., Ltd
《Oman chrome ore in china- market analysis, approaches & going forward》
- Arup Ratan Bhattacharyya, Gulf Mining Group
《Indonesian nickel policy interpretation and indonesian nickel business opportunity》
- Ms. Meidy Katrin Lengkey, Indonesian Nickel Miners Association(APNI)
《Current situation and investment analysis of ferrochrome market in Iran》
-Liu Chao, Dongguan Dinghe Ferroalloy Co. LTD
《Discussion on Indonesia Nickel Ore Export Quota Application & Post-Quota Era》
- Sun Qijun, Hanking Group
《Challenges and opportunities for traditional trading companies after the listing of stainless steel futures》
《Turkish Nickel Market Analysis》
-Mr. Sonmez Sayili, Fe-Ni Mining Company
《Deep analysis on the chrome market in 2019》
- Luo Wen, FerroAlloyNet
The night of Haitang Bay—Welcome Banquet by Mintal Group

Sanya is a seaside city on Hainan Island in the South China Sea. It is a tourist attraction with beautiful scenery and rich products. At 6 p.m. on September 18, representatives of chrome and nickel industries from more than 30 countries around the world gathered for a feast.

Thanks to the sponsor of this summit- Mintal Group Ferrochrome Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, Sichuan Minghong Hengjin Technology Co., LTD, Shanghai Equeen, Hongyi International Trade HK Co., Limited, QINGDAO PORT INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD, DONGJIAKOU BRANCH COMPANY|QINGDAO HUANUO JIAYUN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AGENCY CO.,LTD.

Thanks for the supporters: Xinjiang Shunchang Xinrong International Trade Co,. Ltd., Hefei Gen-Song Automation Technology Co., Ltd, Anhui Tianshun Environmental Protection Equipment Co. LTD, ICDA, RAND YORK MINERALS, Indian Ferro Alloy Producer's Association, Steel Mint, etc.

Mr. Chen Xiaofeng, general manager of Ferroalloynet, made a speech on the stage, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the chrome-nickel industry counterparts from all over the world.

Mr. Qiu Zhichao, deputy general manager of Mintal Group Ferrochrome Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, made a speech on the stage, giving heartfelt thanks and a warm welcome to the guests attending the conference, and then the dinner started in a scene of laughter.

Release energy, ignite passion! First "Chrome Nickel Cup" Basketball Competition

On the evening of September 19, the first "chrome-nickel cup" basketball competition sponsored by Ferroalloynet was held in Sanya Zhongrui Hotel Management Vocational College.

Basketball matches are divided into "nickel team" and "chrome team" with two strong teams. It's a wonderful competition, both players have tried their best. The whole game was full of ups and downs.

The first "Chrome & Nickel Cup" Basketball Match showed the youth elegant demeanour that is enterprising and upward, at the same time increased the rallying power and combat capability between enterprises, cultivated everyone's group honor, and enhanced the friendship. It shows the spirit of unity, harmony and courage of struggle among chrome-nickel enterprises.



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