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FerroAlloyNet 7th Annual Summit-2020 Ferroalloy Industry Outlook

Chengdu has a profound history and a long culture, with a large number of talents. It is a sacred cultural treasure, a smiling city, peaceful and beautiful. FerroAlloyNet 7th Annual Summit-2020 Ferroalloy Industry Outlook was held successfully on December 11th at Chengdu Marriott Hotel Financial Centre. This conference was hosted by Ferroalloynet and co-organized by Shanghai Futures Exchange to jointly present a feast for the ferroalloys industry.

More than 500 delegates are from mine owners, alloy producers and traders, domestic and foreign famous ferroalloy buyers, steel mills, research institutions, industry experts, mining and smelting equipment service providers, port and logistics enterprises, futures companies, etc. of chrome, nickel, manganese, ferrosilicon, magnesium metal, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, rare earth, complex alloy, core spun yarn products in over 40 countries.

In 2020, China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. The conference aims to build a platform for communication and cooperation, and we plan to invite big industry insiders to discuss on the market trend; we focus on industry changes and grasp the hot spots in the industry; We are going to gather the upstream and downstream clients in ferroalloy industry, including enterprises of minerals supply, raw materials, alloy smelting, trading circulation, steel procurement, equipments, logistics & warehousing, research institute, etc. We’ll try our best to promote the development of ferroalloy industry.

We look forward to meeting you again in FerroAlloyNet 18th International Chrome & Nickel Products Summit in March, 2020!

Conference Registration & Business Talk

The conference covers a number of ferroalloy products, including chrome, nickel, manganese, ferrosilicon, metal magnesium, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, rare earth, complex alloy, core wire and other ferroalloy products. FerroAlloyNet, with a team of professional product analysts from home and abroad, adheres to the principle of service-oriented, aiming at the needs of different customers, assisting others, conducting one-on-one referrals, discussing markets, communicating with each other, and promoting cooperation intentions. FerroAlloyNet will provide more cooperation opportunities for trade and investment between ferroalloy industries and build a stable platform for cooperation and exchange between supply and demand. The industry elites and upstream and downstream customers will launch the collision of ideas and wisdom around the unpredictable ferroalloy market, to share the unique observations and cases of the industry together, and discuss the core issues of production, trade, technology, concept, etc.

Keynote Speeches
《Analysis on the Development Status and Prospect of Steel Industry》
——China Steel Development & Research Institute —Zheng Yuchun
《China Ferroalloy Market Status and Future Development Trends》
—— China Ferroalloys Industry Association— Secretary General, Shi Wanli
《Intelligent Logistics Helps Ferroalloy Industry to Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency》
——CMST Nanjing Intelligent Logistics Technology Co., Ltd.—President of Strategic Research Institute, Liu Yunfei
《Impact of Sino-US Trade War on Global Ferroalloy Market》
—— CMR—General Manager, Mr. Ben Cavender
《Global Mining Situation Analysis and Outlook》
—Ministry of Natural Resources Information Center Researcher, Chen Congxi
《Research and Development of Ferrochrome Futures, Facilitate and Stainless Steel Industry Development》
—SHANGHAI FUTURES EXCHANGE, Manager of 1st Commodity Dept., Jin Ming
《Chrome Market in 2020 FerroAlloyNet 》
— FerroAlloyNet, Sr. Analyst of Chrome Ore, Ge Jie
《The Strategy of the Futures and Spots of the Combination of Nickel and Stainless Steel》
—Shanghai CIFCO Futures, General Manager of Industrial Development Headquarters, Shi Xingwei
《Outlook of Manganese Market 2020 after Deep Decline》
—— FerroAlloyNet — Vice General Manager, Pu Xiaomei
《Analysis of Supply and Demand Pattern and Trend of Tungsten Market in 2020》
—— Ganzhou Grand Sea W & Mo Group Co., Ltd — Chief Advisor, Zhu Xiusheng
《Analysis of the Market Trend of Molybdenum Industry in 2020》
—— JINDUICHENG MOLYBDENUM CO., LTD.—Marketing Director & Senior Analyst, Liu Junmin
《Review of Vanadium Market in 2019 and Analysis on Trend in 2020》
—— Vanadium & Titanium Research Institute of HBIS—Chief Expert, Chen Donghui
《2019 Vanadium Industry Data Inventory》
—— FerroAlloyNet — Vanadium Senior Analyst, Zhu Tingting
《Analysis of Rare Earth Resources Market Situation》
—— Resources Economics Management Research Office of CANRE(Chinese Academy of Natural Resources Economics)—Director, Chen Jiabin
《Current Situation and Future Development Trend of Nodulizing Agent and Nucleating Agent Industry for Casting》
—— Inner Mongolia Shengquan Keliyuan New Material Technology Co., LTD — Chief Engineer, Hu Jianjun
《Investment Opportunities and Classic Case Analysis on Ferrosilicon Futures and Spot Market》
—— CEFC FUTURES — Director of Research & Investment, Li Juan
《When Can Ferrosilicon be Reborn in Nirvana? 》
—— FerroAlloyNet — Sr. Analyst of Ferrosilicon, Liu Yanxiu
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