FerroAlloyNet 9th International Titanium & Zircon Products Summit

Qingdao is the center of international marine scientific research and education, the sailing capital of China, the best seafaring city in Asia, the beer city of the world and the film capital of the United Nations. It is known as "Oriental Switzerland".

Take the wind and break the waves, set sail in Qingdao! In September 2019, the 9th International Titanium and Zirconium Product Summit of China FerroAlloyNet met with many Titanium and Zirconium industry stakeholders in Qingdao, Shandong Province, to enjoy the scenery of "Oriental Switzerland", and to face-to-face with industry experts and insiders to develop together.

Thanks for following sponsors of this conference: Guangdong Ubridge New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei Jingsong Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Cangzhou Jingwei Engineering Materials Co., Ltd., Tangshan Jupeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

On September 23, at 10:00 a.m., the meeting officially began. Guangdong Ubridge New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Jinan Yuxing Chemical Industry, Tangshan Jupeng Machinery and Equipment, TZMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Expert Committee of Titanium Dioxide Branch of Coatings Association, Sichuan Vanadium Titanium Iron and Steel Industry Association, CITIC Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., Lomon Billions Group, Mongolia Mengda Titanium Industry Co., Ltd, POLYGEL BRUNEI SDN BHD, as well as Xiamen King East Far Supply Chain Co., Ltd Chain and other titanium and zirconium enterprise delegates arrived at the banquet hall on the fifth floor of the venue one after another, and began to sign in and receive information under the guidance of FerroAlloyNet staff.

Business Talk

Qingdao, being called for short "Qing", and the nicknamed is "Qin Dao", "Dao Cheng". It is located in the southeast coast of Shandong peninsula, and the eastern Jiaodong peninsula, east, south on the Huanghai Sea, across the sea and the Korean peninsula. It faces the Korean peninsula across the sea. It also has international seaports and regional hub airports.

At 2 PM on September 23, representatives from various enterprises entered the meeting hall with full enthusiasm.

Keynote Speech
The Impact of Sino-US Trade War on Titanium & Zirconium Industry--Yan Min, Macroscopic Bureau of Economic Projection Department in State Information Center
It mainly expounds the origin of Sino-US trade friction. The impact of Sino-US trade frictions and how to cope with trade frictions.
Titanium Raw Material Game - Vertical & Horizontal Divergence in Market Segments -- Chen Ying from TZMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
In-depth analysis: 1. Global titanium ore supply pattern 2. Titanium raw material demand; 3. Differences between supply and demand in China's market segments; 4. Game scenario hypothesis of potential flow of raw materials in market segments.
Intelligent Logistics & Storage System for Chemical Industry -- Han Jie, Hefei Gen-Song Automation Technology Co., Ltd
Detailed explanation from the following aspects: intelligent logistics warehousing development trend; intelligent logistics warehousing application and case sharing; intelligent logistics warehousing planning and construction.
Current Status and Development Technology of Chloride Process Titanium Dioxide in China -- Liu Changhe, China Coatings Industry Association Titanium Dioxide Branch Expert Committee
1. Development status of titanium dioxide industry in China; 2. Discussion on technical development route of...
Zircon Sand Market Fluctuations in 2019-- Yang Kunyang from Xiamen King East Far Supply Chain Co., Ltd
In-depth analysis: 1. How to describe the zircon sand market in 2019; 2. Comparison of imports of zircon sand in 2018 and 2019; 3. Headlines of zircon sand in 2019; 4. The rise of new zircon sand suppliers in 2019; 5, zircon sand future trend
Review and Future Prospect of Chinese High Titanium Slag Market -- Zhang Yuanliang, Mongolia MengDa Titanium lndustry Co., Ltd
Mainly from: 2012 to 2019 high titanium slag market review; Status analysis of high titanium slag in China; Future prospect of domestic high titanium slag; The introduction of Inner Mongolia Mengda Titanium Industry Co., Ltd
India's position, reserves/resources, production capacity, ilmenite and rutile production, ilmenite and rutile consumption, future development and opportunities, etc.
The Current Market and the Tech. Development of Titanium Sponge in Pangang Group -- Li Kaihua from Pangang Group Panzhihua Iron & Steel Research Institute Co., Ltd
It introduces the current situation of titanium sponge market, the demand of titanium sponge market, the development of titanium sponge technology in Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., LTD and the objective outlook.
See-saw Between Supply & Demand of Zirconium Industry Chain -- Cao Yujun from TZMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Detailed description from the supply of zirconium raw materials, downstream demand changes, China's zirconium demand status & composition, supply & demand chain sawing and other aspects.
Considerations on the Diversified Development of Titanium Dioxide Production Raw Materials in China -- Yang Shaoli from Sichuan Association of Vanadium Titanium Steel Industry
1. Titanium dioxide raw materials, characteristics and application; 2. Raw materials of titanium dioxide by sulfuric...
Rutile & High Titanium Slag Private Session

On the afternoon of September 23, China FerroAlloyNet 9th International Titanium & Zircon Products Summit as well as rutile & high titanium slag private session was successfully held in Qingdao. The main purpose of summit was is to work hard for the benign development of rutile and high titanium slag industry.

The private session was hosted by China www.ferroalloynet.com. More than 40 rutile and high titanium slag related companies participated in the discussion, including: Lomon Billions, CITIC Titanium, ILUKA, Shuangrui Wanji, Xinjiang Xiangyu, Longxing Titanium Industry, Jiuxing New Materials, Fengcheng Qianyu, Mengda Titanium Industry, Maoming Ubridge, Quanzhou Datai, Naicher, Shanghai Zhuyou, Shenyang Xinyifeng , Chaoyang Xinming, Wogan, Fujian Yuanguang and other enterprises.

At the meeting, we mainly discussed the following focus issues of rutile and high titanium slag:

Rutile focus:

1 Rutile market whether there is good long-term to achieve the full year price rise.

2 Domestic rutile supply and demand pattern will change or not.

3 The domestic rutile price whether realizes integration with the international market.

4 How is the progress of domestic artificial rutile project? What kind of influence will it bring to the rutile market in the future?

5 Rutile price is high, rutile will face the low price competition of substitutes or not?

6 Suggestions and opinions on rutile pricing mechanism

High titanium slag focus:

1 High titanium slag market prices can continue to recover

2 With the improvement of the operation rate of high titanium slag enterprises, whether there are hidden dangers in the market

3 How can high titanium slag enterprises improve their competitiveness

4 How does high titanium slag sales achieve channel diversification

5 How does high titanium slag enterprise view the industry standard and development

6 How to avoid the high titanium slag industry into a downturn again

On the above issues, each company has the following views:

ILUKA representatives from the global supply and demand side and value etc.of rutile, said that rutile is about to achieve full-year price increases without pressure, even will keep increasing in next year's price, of course, this premise is domestic chlorination titanium white and the momentum of the sponge titanium industry is still going on.

According to statistics, 93-95% of rutile global production does not exceed 700,000 tons/year, while the international market has nearly 4 million tons of titanium dioxide production. Except for some sulfuric acid titanium dioxide, most of the output is chlorinated titanium white, so that the international market has a huge demand for rutile. At the same time, in addition to titanium dioxide, titanium sponge, the welding material market also needs to use a part of rutile, while domestic welding materials account for a large proportion in the international market, and the demand for rutile is not small, the annual demand is almost 60-100,000 tons, especially for high quality product. Therefore, the rutile demand for domestic chlorination titanium dioxide and titanium sponge is very tense. Especially in the next 3-5 years, as the domestic chlorination method develops rapidly; the overall market will obviously be in short supply.

From the aspect of value analysis, the current international market price for the associated mineral zircon sand with rutile is more than 1,600 US dollars, while the best rutile is not more than 1,500 US dollars, but in terms of quantity and its own value, its price should not be lower than zircon sand.

Of course, the representatives of Shuangrui Wanji, who have been using rutile all the time, said that they hope to have a long-term and stable cooperation with customers, and the premise is that the price is reasonable. Frequent price adjustment is not conducive to the implementation of the downstream terminal market price.

At the same time, the representative of Xinjiang Xiangyu said that due to the rising price of rutile, the company has already upgraded the process and replaced the rutile with high-grade high-titanium slag, and will continue to increase the transformation in this area in the future, perhaps it is hard to avoid the prices’ increase in 2019, but by 2020, in addition to high-titanium slag, there will be large-scale production of synthetic rutile, which will certainly offset the release of demand for natural rutile to a large extent, so there may be a limited room for the domestic rutile market price to rise.

In general, the supply shortage of rutile will continue, but with the emergence of alternatives, this pattern may be broken. Of course, there should be some room for price increase, but it is very limited.

What’s more, the artificial rutile of Ubridge is progressing rapidly and is planned to start production in November. At the same time, other artificial rutile projects are also actively put into production. It is expected that there will be some changes in the supply and demand pattern of the entire titanium-rich material market in 2020.

In terms of high-titanium slag, representatives of the Jiuxing representatives said that the operating rate of the high-titanium slag market has indeed recovered, but the industry has always lacked the leadership of large-scale leading enterprises. Even if the start-up increases, the actual production growth is limited. At present, the domestic high-titanium slag market price increase, except for the increase in demand, more is the rise of titanium concentrate, of course, with the development of domestic chlorination titanium dioxide, in the next 2-3 years, the supply and demand relationship of domestic high-titanium slag may not be too strained, so the price should have room to continue to increase.

Representatives of Longxing Titanium said that regardless of rutile or high-titanium slag, we should pay more attention to the terminal industry which is the real estate and civilian sponge titanium. Only these industries have developed well, and the price increase in the upstream market turns back to normal. At the same time, the current rebound in the price of high-titanium slag in China is itself the recovery of the low price, but its space should also be degree. After all, only the upstream and downstream enterprises have profits, the development of each industry is the healthy development.

Finally, we also expressed some personal views on the rutile and high-titanium slag industry specifications. Among them, representatives of the Longyili Joint Conference expressed that they should increase their competitiveness more. After all, the price increase of high-titanium slag is related to the support of the upstream and downstream, and the quality of the products is also greatly increasing their competitiveness. Participants from Jiuxing New Materials said: “the industry should develop healthily, production plans should not be constrained by objective reasons, and should be stable production 24 hours a day, but our industry is still far from enough. In addition to its own efforts, the industry should have a large Leading company”.

There are many other companies' opinions at the meeting, but in general, the reasonable profit margins of the upstream and downstream and the benign price mechanism are truly healthy development.


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