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2021 FerroAlloyNet 12th International Silicon Metal Forum










2021 FerroAlloyNet 12th International Silicon Metal Forum

Conference Organizer: FerroAlloyNet

Co-organized by: Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Association Silicon Industry Branch,

                             Dehong Prefecture Silicon Metal Smelting Industry Association,

                             Sichuan Ferroalloy Industry Association

                             Fujian Metallurgical Industry Association Silicon Industry Branch

Supporters: Yunnan Honggui / Guichu Logistics Co., Ltd.

Under the circumstance of the epidemic in 2020, the global economic environment is changing in many ways, bringing new opportunities and challenges to the silicon industry. Affected by the epidemic, changes in downstream consumption brought about a development process in the price of silicon metal. After a significant drop in the first half year, the silicon price increased sharply for months and now it sees decreasing trend again. The factory turned losses into profits in the second half of the year. In 2020, the total output has continued to decrease from the first three quarters of the same period last year and then rapidly rebounded and surpassed that of 2019 in the fourth quarter. The production capacity and output changes of silicon metal are inseparable from national policy planning, international situation and downstream consumption capacity. Since the State Council released "Made in China 2025" and seven strategic emerging industries in December 2019, new materials have been listed as one of the strategic areas for key breakthrough development, and it has been clarified that silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone resin and other silicone materials have a positive impact on the development of the national economy. Secondly, in April 2020, the "14th Five-Year" photovoltaic plan and the country's complete realization of the localization of semiconductor chips have been put on the agenda, and the momentum of development is unstoppable. In the future, new and expansion projects will continue to increase, and the consumption capacity of silicon metal will be greatly improved. Compared with this, the negative growth in the demand for silicon metal in the development of the domestic aluminum market brought by the aluminum market scrap aluminum recycling, imported aluminum products, and the decline in the dependence of overseas downstream factories on China's silicon metal products has become irrelevant. Looking forward to 2021, global epidemic control, economic recovery, and new changes in industry development are about to begin.

FerroAlloyNet 12th International Silicon Metal Summit will discuss the development plan for the main production area of silicon metal, the increase in production of organic silicon and polysilicon, the impact of the integration of the silicon industry, the living space of traders, the changes in the aluminum market and the export contraction. We sincerely invite you to come!


April 22, 2021


Conference registration & Receiving Conference Material


Trade Negotiation


Welcome dinner

April 23, 2021 -- Keynote Speech


Opening Address


The progress of Yunnan silicon industry integration and its impact on the industry
in 2021


The silicon metal factoryresumption progress and output changes  in Sichuan during 

the wet season in 2021


Tea Break


Peak Forum

Invite industry associations, silicon metal plants, aluminum factories, 

organic silicon factories,

research institutions, etc. to discuss the development trend of the silicon 

metal industry in 2021


Buffet lunch


Analysis of supply and demand changes in Xinjiang silicon metal market in 2021


Statistics on new production capacity of organic silicon market in 2021 and analysis 

of changes in demand for silicon metal


China's polysilicon market trend in 2021 and forecast of growth in demand for 

silicon metal


Analysis of supply and demand changes in the international silicon metal market 

in 2021


China's secondary aluminum market trend and forecast of industrial silicon demand 

in 2021


Buffet Dinner


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